Flexi Leather Filler

cracked leather, flexi filler has immense elastic characteristics, wont crack, fall out or break up.

Perfect for application in heavy use areas like seat bases or car seat bolsters.
The flexi filler has amazing elastic properties meaning it will never crack or fall out of any cracks it been used to repair

Product Details

Flexi Leather Filler

Flexi Filler used to fill severely cracked leather on old dry worn surfaces.
  • Extremely Flexible
  • Fills Cracked Leather
  • Perfect On Classic Car Seats
  • Great For Cracked Leather Sofas

The flexi filler is a unique product to the Leather Repair Company, its designed to be used in the same way as the Heavy Filler and its consistency is a thick paste, But It is slightly more fluid than the Heavy Filler this then enables it to be so much more flexible when dry.

Flexi Filler is particularly good on leather that has become severely cracked and the perfect working partner when used with the Fibre Binder.

With the flexi filler being immensely elastic this makes way for perfect use in high use areas, such as bases of seats on sofas and settees, arms of leather furniture. It’s also perfect for use in classic cars where the leather connolising coating has broken down and has cracked badly.

The flexi filler is a very versatile product and can be tinted with dyes and coloured over making repairs invisible and your seats brand new once again.

The flexi filler is so flexible it can even be used on leather flooring and leather walls that have dried out and cracked.


Once you have removed the surface finish that’s been applied in the tanning stages and the leather is back to state of being absorbent again you can use the flexi filler.

Make sure the manufactured finish has been removed fully, then paste on the flexi filler to the surface filling in badly cracked areas.

Either wait for this to dry naturally or speed up with a hair drier then you can sand with 320 grit paper or 1200 grit paper if you wish to make the flexi filler smooth.

Then your ready for application of the leather colours / leather dyes.

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