Practical Classic Car Magazine invited the Leather Repair Company down to shoot a set of professional
leather care and repair tutorials using our very own products. They were that impressed they've give us the thumbs up!

Leather Cleaners

You'll be surprised at how dirty your leather actually is. Our cleaners are specially designed to dig deep into the grain of leather and remove all signs of dirt.

Leather Cleaners

Leather Protectors

To help look after and increase the life of your leather.

Leather Protectos

Repair & Restoration

Check out our range of products that will help you to restore and repair your beloved leather items back to their former glory.

Leather Repair & Restoration

Glues & Fillers

You should only use glue designed for leather. Our fillers help fill any dry cracks to help you carry out that perfect repair

Glues & Fillers

Saddle / Tack Care

We know your tack gear takes some hammering. Make it new again with our Saddle Care range.

Saddle Care

Steering Wheel Repair

Using our leather steering wheel repair kits are as easy as 1, 2, 3. They also work on all car manufacturers.

Steering Wheel Repair



Brushes, Spray guns and other leather accessories to help you while working on leather.


Product Bundles / Offers

Here you can find any new offers or bundles. Ranging from repair kits to leather cleaners.

Bundles & Offers

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