Leather Steering wheel refurb kit

Used this kit recently on my 10 year old 130,000 mile BMW 5 series E61 steering wheel. Took about 2 hours in total allowing for good preparation and proper drying between coats. Wheel is now a uniform smooth satin black and looks like new. Have done 600 miles since and the treatment looks like it will last well. Plenty of contents left in the kit to do it at least twice more in the future if necessary. Well impressed.

 by Lee on 

Great products. Worked as intended, will be back.

Leather Dining Chair Repair

Bought this repair kit to repair damage to a leather dining chair. The damage was quite significant with the colour peeling and several scratches and areas of damage. Very worried after I had cleaned and sanded the area as the damage looked awful. Matched the colour and after several applications and the finish the chair looks as good as new. I am going to use product on other leather goods as I have plenty of product left. Would highly recommend this kit.

 by jon macnaughton on Car Interior Leather Repair Kit (small)
small repair

Had a small repair to do, i got the right help and info and wow what a difference thanks a lot. Great customer service.

 by Sarah on Steering Wheel Repair Kit
Thank You

My husband asked me to get this, I just told him to buy a new steering wheel instead. Still, he insisted. Thankfully he did. He now has a brand new leather steering wheel repaired for only £18!

Best Regards


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