Repairing a tear in leather has never been easier

You may think once you get a tear in your leather, that’s it.. it’s broken for good. With a little care and some thought you can repair that tear and make it look new!

We have many videos on how to repair a tear in leather to help guide you through, but if you want to talk to someone you can always call us 01482 606864.

With all tears you repair them from the back of the tear, the first step is to get the tear joined together correctly from the front, once this is held in place, use some low tack clear tape so you can see that when you hold this tear down in place its still perfectly joined together.

Once that is done you can then apply some glue tot he back of the leather and then place a small section of leather or fabric over the tear, press that firmly into place and leave to dry for a while, you can speed this up with a hair drier on low heat keeping approx 8 to 12 inches away, with our water based glue it will dry with in a few minutes. When dry go back to the front of the tear and carefully remove the tape, taking it off away from the direction of the original tear, you will still have some movement in the tear at this stage, to push it closer together using a tooth picks, once happy leave to dry.

The products used in this video were: Leather glue kit