Premium Leather Cleaner

Premium Leather Cleaner is a gentle but extremely effective leather cleaner suitable for use on all types of leather (except suede & nubuck). It’s the perfect partner for use on all your leather items.
Car Interior Shoes
Clothes Luggage
Belts Equestrian leathers
And much more.

Product Details

Premium Leather Cleaner For Deep Down Cleaning

  • Deep down cleaning action
  • Friendly and safe to use
  • Fantastic results
  • Brightens leather

Premium Leather Cleaner is recommended for use when your leather has become very dirty, due to its special additives this enables leather to be kept soft and supple at all times.

Premium Leather Cleaner is only a leather cleaner, so we suggest after cleaning your leather items, you should use the Leather conditioning Cream to maintain it and to protect it against the elements like, stains and dirt in the future.

Dirt that builds up causes stains to happen as the fluids that get spilt on leather will be soaked up by the dirt, this then enables it to penetrate the leathers coated finish.

Premium Leather Cleaner can be used on all different items of leather finishes, from furniture and car interior to clothes, shoes, equestrian leathers, handbags and even antique leather goods.

The Premium Leather Cleaner is designed for use on cleaning leather that has become very dirty and requires a professional approach to give a good deep clean. It works on all colours of leather and all different grain structures, from fine to heavy grains.

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