How To Clean Leather

You might think that your leather is clean, chances are. It's not. You'll be surprised! Some of you use wipes/baby wipes! (Baby wipes are terrible! click here to see why) Our leather cleaner gets down deep into the grain of the leather. Removing all the micro bits of dirt.

Our premium leather cleaner can be used on all types of leather. Industry experts recommend the use of our cleaner to really clean your leather. If you're interesting in learning how to clean leather properly, click below.


Preparing Leather for work

This is probably the most important bit of carrying out any leather repair work. By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Not preparing your leather properly can cause various types of issues. Grease, wax and silicone all need to be removed before the repairing stage. If not, you risk the colour not sticking, + some more issues here blah blah blah


Basics of Leather Repair

Most repairs to leather are based upon the surface being loss of colour, split, rough or cracked. The key to making perfect repairs is the preparation, making the repairs carried out blend in seamlessly with the surrounding areas

We won't be discussing everything in this guide. Just some basic hints + tips to get you started. We do have a selection of youtube videos to also help you on your way.


How to repair a tear in leather

You may think once you get a tear in your leather, that’s it.. it’s broken for good. With a little care and some thought you can repair that tear and make it look as new again

It’s not just leather furniture that you can repair a tear in, you can repair a tear in leather car seats, leather jackets, leather dining chairs, antique leather tops on tables, the Leather Repair Company can also repair tears in vinyl items as well as the leather.