Leather Guard Protection System

Using the latest technology Leather Guard Protection provides up to five years of guaranteed protection.

The leather guard protection system from the Leather Repair Company provides protection to many different leather items up to five years. Leather Jackets, Leather handbags, Leather Shoes, Leather Car Interiors, Leather Boots, Leather Purses, Leather Wallets and many other leather items like garments, flooring and leather walls.

Product Details

• Up to 60 Months Guaranteed Protection
• Stops Stains
• Protects Leather
• Stays Natural
• Waterproof
• Helps Stop Dirt Build Up
• Stops Red Wine Stains
• Guaranteed Against Jean Dye Transfer

Leather Guard Protection is a guaranteed coating system and the only professional system in the UK.

Has a proven technology & results from long term testing.

Stops stains from happening on your leather goods from, red wine, fizzy drinks, coffee, tea, pizza base, kebabs, grease, butter, oils and so much more, using the leather guard protection system.

Guaranteed for one year when you purchase and apply against stains. If you require a guaranteed protection up to five years we can also provide this as well.

The best technology in stain protection in the world.

The leather guard protection system is a very thin watery type product that is white in colour, when its applied it dries clear and provides an barrier of protection like you have never seen before, the leather guard protects your leather from the daily elements of life, its great on motorbike leather jackets as it also provides a waterproof protection let alone a great stain guard system.

If you want to get the five year protection guarantee you need to have the Leather Guard ® protection system applied by an approved technician you can find a technician on this site Application Technicians book your leather guard protection in today.

How To Apply The Leather Guard ®

You can soak a cloth in leather guard protection and gently and evenly wipe this over the leather allowing it to dry fully before applying a second coating, once dry you are protected against stains and dirt build up.

Leather Guard ® can be applied via an airbrush, what you need to do is to mist the coating on, keeping on average at least 18 inches away from the leather surface. If you get too close the coating will go glossy, if this happens you can move further away and mist a light coating on, the reason for it going slightly shiny is over application of the product.
How Much Do You Need? Our Leather Guard ® is at unbeatable prices.

But to coat a standard 4 seat car like a BMW 3 series you will require approx 100ml to 150ml

A bigger 4 seat car will require 200ml to 300ml

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