Luxurious Leather Cleaner

Our Premium leather cleaner is good. Our Luxurious one is better! Our Purity Leather Cleaner comes with an aroma not found in our other products.
With built in Intelligent cleaning actions, for your leather car seats, leather settees, shoes, leather handbags, leather jackets, antique leather furniture.

Product Details

• Exclusive Leather Cleaner
• Intelligent Cleaning Action
• Built In Leather Aroma

Purity Leather Cleaner from the Leather Repair Company produces the most exquisite results on leather you could ever imagine.

Its a truly astonishing cleaner, that’s taken years to develop to enable it to be clear, but yet have the built in aroma of leather, but yet be extremely powerful to cope with the toughest of stains, dirt and grime on your leather goods.

Purity Leather Cleaner, works on all types of car interiors, leather jackets, handbags, furniture and luxury goods. (except Aniline leather, Suede & Nubuck)

Purity Leather Cleaner has some of the finest ingredients known making it one of the worlds finest leather cleaners, being pure, clear, having a leather aroma, deep down cleaning action, but yet gentle on the leather makes it the most difficult leather cleaner ever to manufacture, but after years of trials its here, its a mind blowing leather cleaner that has remarkable results.

Harsh cleaners that work fine on regular fabrics, can do permanent damage to leather hides, to ensure that Purity leather Cleaner stood up to all our expectations we have done just that, made an extremely gentle leather cleaner, that cleans the toughest of grime, stains and fluids away, but yet cares for your leather as its intelligent cleaners work on the leather hide, leaving behind a great barrier of protection as well. Not only does Purity work wonders on leather, it leaves behind the most natural aroma of real leather ever.
Shake bottle well, then spray into a sponge or soft terry towel cloth and proceed to clean your leather.

Work the purity leather cleaner into the leather, cleaning in a circular motion.

As the purity leather cleaner lifts the dirt away from the leather use a new soft terry towel and wipe the dirt and grime away from the leather.

After cleaning wipe away an excess dirt and grime and then proceed to protect with the leather protection cream.

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