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Posted by on Jun 12, 2012 in Luggage Repair Kits | 0 comments

Faux Leather Care Kit

Faux Leather Care Kit

Can be used around the car and home.

Faux Leather Cleaner is a leather cleaner suitable for use on all types of leather (except suede & nubuck). It is perfect for use on all your leather items, furniture, car interior, shoes, jackets, equestrian leathers and luggage. Faux Leather Cleaner is recommended for use when your leather has become very dirty. Faux Leather Cleaner is just a leather cleaner, so we recommend that after you have cleaned your leather, you should use the leather protection cream to maintain it.

Can Be Used On Faux Leather Cleaner can be used on all different articles of leather, from furniture and car interior to clothes, shoes an even equestrian leathers. Faux Leather Cleaner is used to clean leather that has become very dirty and needs a good clean. It works on all colours of leather and all different grain types.

Instructions Shake the bottle well to mix together the various cleaning agents. Spray onto a sponge or directly onto the leather and agitate to create a foam. Clean in a circular motion to lift the dirt. A soft bristled brush can be used to reach dirt trapped in the grain. After cleaning the leather you need to condition it. Use the Faux leather protection cream for best results. 

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